Brandywine-Christiana Watershed Pay-For-Success Project To Bring Up To $10 Million In Private Capital For Farm Conservation Projects. PA Environment Digest Blog, August 2017.

For the past three years, under a grant from the William Penn Foundation, The Nature Conservancy in Delaware and University of Delaware Water Resource Center have worked closely with water companies and municipalities on both sides of the Delaware-Pennsylvania state line to develop the Brandywine-Christina Healthy Water Fund.

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i2 Capital Awarded USDA Conservation Innovation Grant. News from i2 Capital, July 2017.

2 Capital, a specialty finance firm that sponsors structured investment vehicles for the impact investment marketplace, announced today it was the recipient of an $804,672 grant as part of the USDA’s $22.6 million Conservation Innovation Grants (CIG) program to support agriculture and conservation finance innovation. i2 Capital’s project is one of 33 selected to spur innovative conservation initiatives across the country.

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Making Money and Doing Good: Impact Investing is Catching On. CNN Money, June 2017.

Snap, crackle, pop! Next time you hear the sound of Kellogg’s (K) Rice Krispies in a bowl of milk, listen for echoes of a teacher quietly tapping away on a mobile device while assessing a student in real time. W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s Mission Driven Investment (MDI) arm in 2010 made a $5 million bridging loan to Wireless Generation, a provider of software to schools across North America. The cash helped supply more schools with real-time mobile technology for teachers to assess students as they work.

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Ford Foundation Is an Unlikely Convert to ‘Impact’ Investing, The New York Times, April 2017.

Last week, the foundation announced that it would commit $1 billion to investments that “earn not only attractive financial returns but concrete social returns as well,” as it said in a news release. “When we first started talking about this nine months ago, I was very wary,” Mr. Nadosy told me. “I’m on 10 different boards and investment committees. It’s deeply ingrained that your goal is to maximize returns, because that’s how performance is measured.”

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Penn’s Education Startups Learn How To Build Good Companies., February 2017.

When Ireland’s Litmus, an artificial-intelligence tutoring app for math students, wanted a place to validate its product and grow into a business, its founders came to Philadelphia. The company, founded by Keith Mthunzi and Patrick Devine in September 2015, wanted the guidance of leaders in educational technology, or “ed-tech,” and turned to the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education.

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New ecosystem-wide mitigation and conservation banks are enabling large scale preservation and restoration of habitats and species. This innovative approach to private sector conservation aligns environmental, energy and impact investment interests to drive social and financial outcomes. i2 Capital is the principal sponsor of The Upper Green River Conservancy™, the nation’s first Co-Op Conservation Bank™, based in Wyoming.

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Renewable energy development is one of the most compelling and urgent social impact initiatives in the world today. i2 Capital is sponsoring a finance vehicle for utility-scale solar projects in partnership with a leading solar developer.

Advances in education platforms, delivery methods and measurement methodologies have the potential to dramatically improve student outcomes. i2 Capital is sponsoring a finance vehicle to accelerate the most promising outcome-focused solutions and enhance the education innovation ecosystem.

Innovative pay for success models are enabling new scaled conservation initiatives. i2 Capital is sponsoring the Brandywine Christina Healthy Water Fund Pay for Success Mechanism to implement upstream farm-based clean water interventions that benefit municipal water users across the Brandywine Christina watershed in northern Delaware and Southeastern Pennsylvania.