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New ecosystem-wide mitigation and conservation banks are enabling large scale preservation and restoration of habitats and species. This innovative approach to private sector conservation aligns environmental, energy and impact investment interests to drive social and financial outcomes. i2 Capital is the principal sponsor of The Upper Green River Conservancy™, the nation’s first Co-Op Conservation Bank™, based in Wyoming.

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Innovative pay for success models are enabling new scaled conservation initiatives. i2 Capital is sponsoring the Revolving Water Fund to implement upstream farm-based clean water interventions that benefit municipal water users across the Brandywine Christina watershed in northern Delaware and Southeastern Pennsylvania.

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Advances in education platforms, delivery methods and measurement methodologies have the potential to dramatically improve student outcomes. i2 Capital is sponsoring a finance vehicle to accelerate the most promising outcome-focused solutions and enhance the education innovation ecosystem.

Renewable energy development is one of the most compelling and urgent social impact initiatives in the world today. i2 Capital is supporting multi-use land conservation and clean energy development that maximizes natural resource values on large scale agricultural and ecologically sensitive lands.